Wind Vase small size by Christian Ghion


 The Maison Haviland once again marks its interest in interior design by signing a collaboration with Christian Ghion. Creating a set of elements and decorative objects in porcelain, Haviland dedicates itself to the world of interior design and decoration.

From this collaboration was born a surprising and spectacular vase, available in two sizes to suit in any type of interiors. The harmonious undulations of this creation are the expression of an exceptional lightness. The wind that touches the porcelain conveys to this piece all its sumptuousness. The vase is composed of a graceful superposition of waves that slowly freeze in a refi ned continuity. The wind, accompanying the rhythmic and delicate curves of this vase, gives the impression of a suspended time where all the poetry of the piece is revealed.

“They take the codes of an invisible mineral world, to surprise, to seduce and to be seen. These pieces go beyond their elementary function to offer a true sculptural work.” – Christian Ghion

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  23 October 2019
Dimensions 24 × 20 cm
Decoration & Gift


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