L’arbre de Vie by Jean Boggio Vase


Limited Edition of 500

With this collection, Jean Boggio guides us into his tree of life for Haviland. The illustration makes us question the symbolism around the existence of the universe. Originally designed in Indian ink, the pattern comes alive with touches of precious colours. Each person can adapt to these illustrations that invite us to the fugue of our dreams and our own story. Jean Boggio takes a liking to the metamorphosis of this symbol by adding details specific to his life as an artist and storyteller for more than 30 years. It includes his touch and highlights  craftsmanship through a representation of 7 designs in platinum and gold, or grey lead and gold, all unveiled on a magnum vase and 6 dessert plates. Poetic and gourmet, this collection tells us the diversity of the world and its origins.

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Dimensions 56 cm

L'Univers de Jean Boggio

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